Swimming is one of the most popular sport choices in DSI. Without swimming, Ireland would not have won so many medals. Since 1975, Ireland Deaf Swimmers have  in fact won 59 gold medals, 46 silver medals and 36 bronze medals at European & World Championships and Deaflympics.

Irish Deaf swimmers have broken 17 World Records & 26 European Records since. They still hold some records now.

At present, we offer competitions for:

  • Annual National Deaf Swimming School Gala: TBC
  • European Deaf Swimming Championship: TBC
  • Youth World Deaf Swimming Championship: TBC
  • World Deaf Swimming Championship: TBC
  • Summer Deaflympics Games: TBC

We offer programmes to provide players with Deaf & Hard of Hearing the opportunities to participate in Swimming. Our aim is to develop more regional based programmes; however the success of this is dependent on the recruitment of new swimmers.

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