Lawn Bowls

Irish Deaf Bowling (IDB) was founded in 1990 and it is an independent organisation. It is a very popular sport amongst adults and they are always welcoming young players to join their team. It caters for players who want to have the opportunity to play recreational bowl lawn as well as those who wish to compete at national and international level.

At present, they offer competitions for:

  • National Championship
  • International Tournament
  • World Deaf Bowl Championship

There is a strong history of Deaf Bowls within Ireland with a strong team.

Bowls/Bowling is a renowned sport both nationally and internationally, with Bowling having a place as  a Deaflympic Sport in the last five Deaflympic cycles:

– Copenhagen, Denmark 1997;

– Rome, Italy 2001;

– Melbourne, Australia 2005;

– Taipei, Taiwan 2009;

– Sofia, Bulgaria 2013.

Next competition: TBC

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