There are two ways in which you can get involved with Deaf Sports Ireland: Become a member or volunteer.


1) DSI Membership Card

All individuals who are registered with Deaf Sports Ireland will receive a membership card posted to the address provided when they first registered. This card can be collected in person at the time of joining/renewing if doing so in the DSI office.

2) Information

Members will receive have priority in receiving electronic newsletters bimonthly (every 2 months). Members will also receive email messages with the latest breaking news and other information such as annual reports, accounts and upcoming events.

3) Match Tickets

Occasionally DSI sell tickets for Ireland soccer and rugby matches held in the Aviva Stadium at a discounted price, these will only be sold to current members.

4) Events

A discount fee will apply to events or activities that DSI promotes.

5) Insurance

All DSI Registered Members are covered by a Public Liability, Personal Accident Policy & Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy.

6) Competitions

Only DSI members are selected from their sports discipline to represent Ireland in international competitions.

7) Training

Members will receive priority and discounts into the courses that DSI provide such as, Basic Child Protection Awareness, First Aid, level coaching e.g. football, basketball, futsal etc…

8) Workshops

Members will have a chance to participate in special interest groups, forums and surveys to discuss issues that matter to you.

Becoming a Member

Becoming a member is very simple.

Go to the (TBC) and fill with your information and send the money by Bank Transfer, Revolut, PayPal or come to the office in Deaf Village Ireland where Administrator Roy Maguire will be.


Go to Deaf Village Ireland’s DSI office and do the membership paperwork along our staff.